TORCH is designed for any fitness level. You choose your weights, You choose your speed on the treadmill, and You choose your pace on the rower. Our certified instructors are with you the entire class ensuring that you reach your max! 

Class will begin with our certified instructor revealing the workout to you by personally demonstrating the format and techniques of each movement. After a quick warm up, you’re off! For the next 45 minutes, the music will keep you energized, the competitive nature of others in the class will keep you at peak levels, and the instructor will keep you on track and support you all the way through the class.

The class will include a mixture of intense interval training, heavy strength training, cardio exercises, and low-impact training movements. We utilize a wide variety of formats, such as: Tabata Style, Circuits, AMRAP, and Time Capped Intervals. These formats keep you constantly moving; you never stop burning calories. Questions? Check out our FAQ page or contact us.

what is our FOCUS?

The weekly schedule at TORCH is designed to offer a different focus each day to ensure that you receive a comprehensive training routine! The wide variety of movements and formats utilized from week to week ensure that you will never get bored and consistently see results. 


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